When it Rains?

--------------------------------------------I put on a sweater, some leggings, get hot tea turn on the AC and read books and listen to music in my room on the bed near the window
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Letters Never Sent


Derek writes love letters. They’re not to anyone. It’s just a habit he picked up in New York, when he was alone and going crazy with the feeling of being hemmed in by all that pavement and glass that didn’t give a shit about anyone, alive or dead. Laura hadn’t counted. How could he talk to her? She’d hate him if she knew.

They started off being to the idea of Kate, the person she was supposed to be: someone a little better than him, hotter and older and smarter. But with a soul, this time. Someone who’d never hurt him, and who’d know what to do about the mess that’s suddenly his life. Love you, can’t wait to hear from you, he used to sign them, and imagine the replies she would write. He even came up with a name, but it could just as well have been “not-Kate” for all the meaning it held. Amanda or something. He doesn’t even remember. He dropped it such a long time ago.

They’re not about Kate anymore, or Amanda. He doesn’t want hero worship, and he writes to someone who’s flawed, like him. Who maybe doesn’t have all the answers, but who’d try. The important thing is that Derek can tell this person anything - anything - and it’s okay. They still love him.

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In that Spooky Scary AH AU, is Ryan not in costume or is he just his regular serial killer self and thus doesn't need one? (Fantastic art btw, I love it!)


who said they were costumes~ eue  Ryan doesn’t have his evil lab coat and lightning strikes behind him so he’s a little hard to tag initially, but he’s got more of a fascination with life than death to be a serial killer.  (and thank you! ;v; <3 )