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In every season was some focus on sb. (S1-scott, S2-allison, S3-stiles, S4-lydia) do you know how it will be with S5? Or it is going to be focusing on everybody now? Cuz there is to much stuff left open, like what is Parrish, how will Kira continue with her powers, Lydia and her family, Stiles'spark, Derek suddenly being able to shift into a full wolf, Breaden (!?), Chris haunting Kate down, and so on and so on. And how do you think Jeff will show us Stiles' spark? What do you thinkheisplannin?


hi and so so so sorry this has taken me so long to answer. I put a lot of stuff on hold in the week leading up to the finale and naturally it all caught up with me in the last week.

Since season 5 will be split, i think it’s safe to assume we can expect a shift in focus like we had in season 3a and 3b.

The obvious candidates seem to be Kira, Liam, Malia or Scott. Or a combinations thereof. Parrish is not a series regular and so i don’t think it’ll be him.

But remember - just because we say a charcter will be the focus character that doesn’t mean it will be the character with the most screen time. This was evident with Lydia this season - without her the story wouldn’t have unfolded, she was the catalyst and the driving force.  i’ve seen a lot of people complaining about her lack of screen time. Being the focus doesn’t necessarily equal lots of screen time.

I think the void arc for Stiles in 3b was an exception rather than the rule. I would argue Scott was equally as prominent in season 1, but the other seasons have been more evenly distributed with regards to screen time,. Even if Allison was the focus in season 2, much of it was also about Jackson. And even if Derek was a catalyst in season 3a there was a lot of focus on scott as well. And Lydia’s arc will continue into season 5a - Teen Wolf is very much an evolving story and not separate stories for each season.


Scott’s dark arc have been foreshadowed since basically season 2 if not before, and this has been building so it will definitely be the focus of one of the parts. I can see it continue to build in 5a and then go nuclear in 5b. without any info about the upcoming season i’d put Kira in 5a and scott in 5b because it started with scott and i feel it’s fitting it will end with him as well. (this is of course under the assumption season 5 will be the last, at least for this story).

So i would suggest:

  • Season 5a: Kira (Malia secondary focus)
  • Season 5b: Scott (Liam secondary focus)

The Desert Wolf arc will definitely continue and it seems likely that Malia and Braeden will spearhead that with the rest in tow.

I think Lydia’s story will continue unfolding. there is clearly more to her family history, the benefactor arc seems unfinished with some loose threads and i do want to know more about how Deaton and Lydia are connected. This scene with the light on their hands seem to foreshadow something. And many of the characters have been assuming he’s a druid - what if he’s something else altogether more linked to Lydia?


Stiles’ coming out arc - if this doesn’t happen i will go apeshit mad and hunt Jeff Davis down with dull knives and blunt objects so his death will be painful and slow. There has beee enough nuclear imagery surrounding stiles to foreshadow a metaphorial “explostion” - i think it will hit all the fans and he’ll need an anchor and i want that to be Derek so that we’ll get our callback to the scene in 3b, only reversed. And wolf derek!! so so happy they went there. (do i need to mention i want sterek?)



I have a feeling Malia and Stiles’ relationship will come to a messy end unless he stops lying to her. I’ve talked about that here.

I think Kira and Scott will enter into dark arcs, and i have no idea what Parrish is and i’ve given up on guessing, lol. At this point i’ll just sit back and enjoy finding out which in the meta pack is correct. The suggestions range from raven, phoenix, dragon and to nephilim and probably something inbetween as well. I just know that he’s hot and fireproof and i approve.

But all of the above is subject to change if and when spoilers and hints start to trickle in.

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i was backtracking your meta tag and all the discussion and analyzing of stiles' look to derek when he thought he was going to die might have just changed my mind about sterek. how did you guys do that. how did you make me believe in sterek.


Hehe, well the obvious answer seem to be that we’ve done a good job of pointing out the signs embedded into the story. It’s much more subtle than your average “love story” but it’s there non the less and even if it’s subtle it’s clearly more than subtext. If it was just subtext  that would mean that the story implied things or that things and scenes could be interpreted one way, but without it being intentional. I’m positive that is not the case of sterek -  this is delibrate.

I urge everyone who don’t feel they see sterek to go and read the anchor metas written by cupid. It tracks a lot of sterek developement through season 3 and is a great read. A

Also remember the way their scenes are often lit deliberately with blue or orange light




and the way the camera always shows the reaction of the other in situations - such as deaged!derek being found - we get focus on stiles’ reactions.

Stiles is possessed at derek’s loft. Derek is the third cypher key - the same thing.

and of course also in the finale - derek get’s mortally wounded, the camera lingers on stiles’ reactions not once, not twice but seven times. And of course we get this


It’s not “in your face” obvious but it’s clear enough that even if some people don’t see it now, they can go back later when it’s canon (notice i say when and not if, hehe) and track the progress.

And don’t get me started on their silent communcation with eyebrows and facial expressions, finishing each other’s sentences and the lingering looks.



oh yes - welcome to the SS Sterek - we sail proudly and our ship never sinks. Always looking for new crew members :)

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Sterek don't quite get why their friends think they're dating just because they're roommates who share the same bed and give each other goodbye kisses) psst they end up dating


Anonymous: Sterek fratbros au where the whole fraternity has a pool going to see how long it takes them to realize that they’re dating

I kind of accidentally put these together. Enjoy!


“Pretty sure we’d know if we were dating,” Stiles says slowly, trying to explain such a simple concept to his best friend, who is just downright ditzy sometimes. Really. Stiles and Derek dating? What kind of shit do you have to be smoking to see that? “Like I’m really super sure both of us would be aware that we’re dating.”

“You say that, but you guys act like you’re dating,” Scott tells him frustratedly like he’s tried explaining this a hundred times yet this is the first Stiles has ever heard so obviously he hasn’t explained this a hundred times.

“And it’s really the freaking the rest of us out,” Jackson oh so unhelpfully adds. “It’s disgusting.”

“Your homophobia is so endearing, Jackson,” Stiles sneers at him. Jackson’s best friend is gay, so Stiles didn’t think his and Derek’s bisexuality would ever be an issue when he pledged.

Jackson’s face screws up and all Stiles can find to describe is that he looks even more prissy than usual. “I don’t care who or what you fuck, Stilinski, but you and Derek are just gross together. I really expected more out of Hale’s taste in partners.”

Stiles rolls his eyes. “Even if I was dating Derek, his taste would be excellent. I’m a fucking delight.”

Jackson and Danny both snort at that. Stiles has the worst friends. Why does he even hang out with them?

Then Derek walks in the room and Stiles feels like he’s been saved by the lord…that he doesn’t believe in. Whatever.

“Derek!” Stiles cries in joy. “Finally. Question, dude. Are we dating?”

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I keep thinking about the finale, and before leaving Derek, Stiles has a "fuck it" moment and rushes over to Derek and kisses him, and Derek kisses him back, and then Derek has to tell Stiles to go again, but they share one more kiss before Stiles goes to find Scott. Later, after they find out that Derek isn't dead, Stiles rushes to him and they hug and kiss some more, and Stiles presses his forehead to Derek's and says "don't go" and Derek just says "ok" and they go back to BH together


This is all I want in life, tbh!